Skrivet av: Henrik Arnstad | tisdag, 13 oktober 2009

Guilty of Guilt — A video presentation



  1. Guilty of Guilt? One of the biggest shadows of Nazi Germany is on Sweden.

    Sweden promised to help Finland if the Soviet Union would attack Finland, however after the attack no (official) help was offered by Sweden. The Allied Forces were ready to send troops and armaments to Finland to fight against Soviet Union but Sweden did not give permission to transport the troops or armaments. Here President Tanner bitterly mentions the fact that the ”permission to use this route has been strictly refused”.

    Why did Sweden refuse? Because they did not want to upset their most important ally i.e. Nazi Germany. Sweden was dependent on the money from the iron ore and ball bearings exported to the Third Reich which used them to manufacture armaments in order to achieve their thousand year Reich. No doubt Sweden would have been rewarded generously had the Reich succeeded.

    Finland had no chance but to accept help from Germany against Soviet Union in order to preserve their independence as Finland knew that no other help would save them.

    Of course the war affected Sweden as well and times weren’t as easy as during peacetime as can be seen in this footage:


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